Amadeus plans theatre and attraction ticket distribution
07/03/2007|10:30:00 AM|Travelmole
29 June, 2007: Amadeus plans to add theatre and attraction tickets as well as restaurant booking capability to its front office selling system for agents.

Marketing director of marketing Elaine Seeto said the enhancements would come in the "very near future" and were part of the GDSs drive to encourage more small travel agents to adopt and use Amadeus technology.

Seeto claimed the GDS had attracted 50 new small independent agents in the past six months increasing Amadeus UK market share by three percentage points to 28%.

Findings from a recent Amadeus study of small independent agents in the UK found access to a range of content from a single source was one of the key business requirements as well as efficient, affordable technology and technical back-up.

"We believe we have been successful with independent travel agents because the solutions we offer address their needs," said Seeto.

The GDS is also encouraging more agents to use Amadeus Cruise by running a series of two-hour virtual classrooms.

UK managing director Stephane Durand said that most agents who have been through the online training are unlikely to go back to using the phone for cruise bookings.

He also said he believed between 70% and 80% of cruise bookings could be automated if non-cruise specialists gained confidence using the technology. Durand said Carnival was achieving 50% of its bookings online.