Air travel in China looks set to get pricier
12/23/2019|2:34:37 PM|Yicai Global

Full-cost airfares in China are likely to rise, particularly for business class travelers and during periods of high demand, after the civil aviation regulator further liberalized pricing on certain routes.

More than 400 routes can now price tickets based on demand, up from 306 in 2017, Yicai Global learned from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. New routes added to the list include intercity hops between Guangzhou and Xi'an, Shanghai and Taiyuan, and Beijing and Jinan.

The latest additions include new routes and some business class flights, which should have a limited impact on off-peak travel but when flying during peak seasons such as Chinese New Year or Golden Week price hikes will be significant, Lin Zhijie, an aviation industry insider, told Yicai Global.

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