Travelers avoiding Hong Kong in record numbers
12/19/2019|3:36:37 PM|Bangkok Post

Hong Kong International Airport lost close to 1 million passengers in November, the steepest numerical drop in any single month since violent anti-government protests began in the city, official figures released on Sunday showed.

In the worst drop in more than a decade, the airport handled 5.02 million passengers, some 969,000 fewer in November, a drop of 16.2% compared to the same period in 2018.

The Airport Authority, which runs one of Asia's premier air transit and cargo hubs, attributed the sharp fall to a drop in arrivals, in contrast, the number of passengers transiting and departing experienced marginal growth.

Between August and November, the airport handled 3.3 million fewer passengers. October saw a drop of 802,000 travelers, September was down 710,000, and August fell 851,000. The drops equate to a reduction of 12-13%.

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