Influencers point the way on travel deals
12/09/2019|12:49:54 PM|Shine

Online travel agencies are cashing in on the annual shopping extravaganza known as Singles Day, and this year they are moving in a new direction: leveraging online influencers to help them promote travel packages and better target potential consumers.

Alibaba’s online travel unit Fliggy is joining hands with travel agencies to optimize their offerings and attract more attention.

Ctrip, China’s biggest online travel agency, said sales during its Singles Day sales promotion were up 136 percent from a year earlier, and the number of orders rose by 160 percent. Japan, Australia and Southeast Asian countries were among the top overseas destinations.

For customers, online travel communities and influencers can help them make travel decisions and point them to packages that offer good value for money.

On Singles Day, as many as 600 million yuan (US$85 million) worths of transactions on Fliggy was made through the recommendations of online influencers.

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