Travelsky obtains One Order certification and Level 4 certification
11/22/2019|8:44:22 PM|Travelsky

Travelsky, the leading IT provider in China's civil aviation market, has obtained two ONE Order certifications for OMS Provider and Delivery Provider on September 15, 2019. Along with its Accounting Provider certification obtained in July, Travelsky has become one of the first IT Providers that is certified for all three ONE Order roles. 

As one of the first system providers to respond to IATA's call for the NDC pilot program in the travel industry, Travelsky has been actively engaged with NDC from the start. The company obtained the highest level (Level 4) certification of IATA NDC (New Distribution Capability) as IT Provider and Aggregator on September 8 this year. 

Travelsky aims to keep up with the latest technology trends of the international civil aviation markets and carry out localization and application with active innovation in combination with the actual situation of the Chinese market. 

Recently, Travelsky' NDC Aggregator platform AggSky made the first ticket sales. As the Aggregator platform that fully complies with the NDC standard, Travelsky’s AggSky supports NDC standard ticket sales, integrating functions such as query, reservation, payment, ticketing, cancellation, rescheduling, and other services. 

Moreover, it supports various business scenarios such as independent sales of additional services including excess baggage, meals, and onboard seat selection, and integrated sales of air tickets and additional services. 

Travelsky has successfully signed a business agreement with Australia's flag carrier Qantas on the cooperation in NDC (New Distribution Capability). In the future, Travelsky agents on the NDC-enabled Qantas Distribution Platform  will not only be able to continue to acquire and subscribe the inventory and content that Qantas releases to GDS, but also obtain the content and corresponding preferential policies Qantas’NDCs issued to private channels, bringing seamless integration and selection of rich content to channel clients and achieving efficient, convenient and well-targeted booking experience. AggSky will continue to help more travel sells to better sell airlines’ NDC products.

Obtaining the NDC/ONE Order certifications is only a small step for Travelsky to promote the digitalization and modernization of China's civil aviation industry, and reflects both the technical capabilities and the determination of Travelsky to accelerate the practice of the NDC industrialization. Travelsky will continue to improve its systems’ capabilities and become a powerful booster in China's NDC industrialization process.