Luxury brands strive to improve messaging for Chinese market
11/21/2019|10:22:09 AM|Skift

Luxury travel is a sector that defies borders. The trends shaping and changing travel at the luxury level seem to transcend cultures. Instead, they follow the habits of high-net-worth individuals who can opt to see the world in a way that’s possible only to 1 percent.

Despite their similarities, however, not all high-net-worth individuals can be marketed to in the same way. Most notably, the Chinese market employs a unique set of digital platforms, making the context within which this segment receives brand messages very different than in the Americas and Europe.

As luxury travel and hospitality marketing mature in China, international brands are learning that both the messaging and the technology used to share messaging matters if they hope to develop the deep-seated customer relationships that they are after. The challenge is to develop content for this important market while maintaining the global storyline.

A new Reuter: Intelligence study, released in partnership with ILTM China, examines how travel and hospitality brands can build out their digital presence in China.

The report suggested luxury brands should look beyond mere functionalities of Chinese platforms and rather focus on building meaningful content within the context of Chinese culture. The report argued that the international brands who have performed the best were looking beyond technology and telling stories that built an emotional connection.

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