enhances cross-sell and merchandising strategy
06/26/2007|4:05:00 PM|Eyefortravel has become a full-service travel gateway that offers airlines’ customers the opportunity to purchase a global set of relevant lodging, rental car and trip amenity options. (6/22/2007)

According to the airline, the initiative represents an industry “first” -- specifically, the first and only time a US carrier has embraced a comprehensive cross-sell and merchandising approach to selling all main components of a trip via an integrated shopping experience. Delta chose to implement this strategic initiative to better serve its customers, generate ancillary revenue, and to provide yet another reason for customers to use, the carrier’s lowest-cost booking channel.

iSeatz, a provider of customised travel and entertainment technology solutions, shared that its custom-designed solution powers integral components of the newly enhanced website. iSeatz worked closely with Delta to create and implement a shopping-to-fulfillment solution.

“With a flexible technology platform that enables us to select inventory sources, improving cross-sell and merchandising, iSeatz allows to take control of its shelf space and retailing strategy - a critical step that will help us increase customer options and generate revenue,” said Josh Weiss, Delta’s Managing Director - “By partnering with iSeatz, Delta was able to implement its innovative business strategy quickly.”

iSeatz has selectively built a broad inventory set that consists of more than 60,000 hotel properties, the major car rental agencies and more than 3,000 destination services products.