GIATA, Shiji’s IcePortal expand partnership to deliver a hotel content solution
10/29/2019|2:54:24 PM|GIATA

GIATA GmbH, a global leader in non-bookable content solutions in the travel industry, helping businesses maximize their revenue and growth, and IcePortal, a Shiji Group Product, leading platform in visual content management within the hospitality sector, announced to expand their partnership.

With GIATA, hoteliers using its tailor-made solution can push their content to 99% of all travel agencies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, dozens of European tour operators, global search engines and 230 mid-size OTAs in 74 countries. Shiji’s IcePortal brings its extensive expertise and a direct connection with 1,000s of additional distribution channels, including –, Expedia, Agoda, Google, Facebook and the GDSs.

This strategic cooperation offers hoteliers a complete solution to monitor and distribute their images and multilingual text in over 24 available languages. It will be the largest and most efficient network of hotel content distribution in the world. The hotelier will be able to expand its network to previously untouched markets, reduced repetitive workflow and saves cost by managing all non-bookable content at one place.

"Regardless of the size of a property, the demand for content management and distribution among multiple channels is surging. More and more, hotels turn to Shiji’s IcePortal or GIATA to keep their online presence up-to-date and save time in a cost-effective manner. We are excited to expand this partnership and to ultimately boost online visibility of hotels by ensuring that content is properly showcased and maintained across the web," said Henry Woodman, President of Shiji’s IcePortal.

"IcePortal has been a strong partner for GIATA in the last 10 years, therefore it was an easy decision to enter into an even closer partnership,” said Andreas Posmeck, CEO of GIATA. “With the combined platforms of our companies – with more than 21,000 distribution channels, we are delighted to provide hoteliers with the highest online reach, empowering them to dwarf the competition and to create a content powerhouse which can be deployed to safeguard travelers’ satisfaction."

GIATA is committed to setting new standards in the processing and distribution of travel offers and hotel content while amplifying their partners’ full range of reaching new and existing markets and clients. With its innovative approach myGIATA Drive creates the most comprehensive hotel content solution, engaging brand consistency, enriching and securing visual data in this global range of distribution channels.

Through the strengthened integration with Shiji’s IcePortal, hospitality brands can manage and receive an extensive access to the package that contains images and standardized multilingual hotel descriptions. Furthermore, this integration enables hoteliers to eliminate the huge effort of manually managing and distributing the quality hotel data across all available sales channels.