Zhiketong completes full acquisition of hotel operation solution provider Jperation
09/06/2019|5:02:01 PM|ChinaTravelNews

ChinaTravelNews has learned that Beijing Zhiketong Technology, a digital marketing service provider offering SaaS-supported transaction services, recently completed the full acquisition of Guangzhou-based Wechat operation solution provider Jperation. Zhiketong had just raised RMB 300 million in its C round financing in August. 

ChinaTravelNews noted major changes in the registered business information of Jperation on August 8. Baoshun Huang, the original shareholder of Jperation, was replaced by Wuxi Jinfang Card Information Technology Co., Ltd, which has 100% shareholding. While Hua Liu, CEO of Zhiketong, has replaced Baoshun Huang as the company’s actual controller and legal person.

The corporate portal of Qichacha.com showed that Yi Han, Baoshun Huang, Haochong Peng and nine other corporate shareholders have exited their investment.

Qichacha.com also showed that Wuxi Jinfang Card Information Technology, which was founded on July 3 this year, was a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhiketong. And Liping Nie, the legal entity of Wuxi Jinfang Card, also served as a director of Zhiketong. Besides, Wuxi Jinfang Card changed its name to Wuxi Binke Information Technology on August 24.

Zhiketong has in effect completed the full acquisition of Jperation following a series of restructuring. ChinaTravelNews did not receive a reply from Zhiketong to our inquiries regarding the acquisition at press time.

Jperation was reported to have reached a "strategic cooperation" with Zhiketong in July this year. Under the partnership, Jperation would keep five aspects unchanged, including company strategy, team structure, competitiveness, operation and performance models. (Translated by Elena)