Cathay Pacific chairman resigns weeks after CEO steps down
09/05/2019|3:13:57 PM|Bloomberg

Cathay Pacific announced that Mr. John Slosar, Chairman of the company, will be retiring at the conclusion of the next board meeting on 6 November 2019. The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Patrick Healy to succeed Mr. Slosar as Chairman of Cathay Pacific.

62-year-old Slosar has been at Swire Group (Cathay Pacific’s parent company) for nearly 40 years. He was Cathay Pacific’s CEO from 2011 to 2014, before being appointed Chairman.

Less than a month ago, China’s civil aviation authority began clamping down on Hong Kong’s flag carrier, prompting Swire to swiftly fly to Beijing to try to smooth things over with officials. Since then, Cathay has fired staff and threatened to terminate workers for even supporting the demonstrations -- let alone participate in them. 

The airline’s chief executive officer quit weeks ago, and on Wednesday, chairman John Slosar announced his resignation.

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