TripAdvisor adds social networking to its site: media
06/19/2007|6:23:00 PM|Eyefortravel
TripAdvisor is set to introduce a social-networking component to its site. (6/15/2007)

As per the information available, members can use an online map to pinpoint where they’ve traveled, upload trip photos, videos and travel preferences, and invite friends and family to join their “Traveler Network” to share travel advice and experiences.

According to, spokesman Bryan Payea said: “We’ve taken the concept of a social network and combined it with all these travel resources so you can actually use your friends and family and your extended network of people whose opinions you value as the first defence.”

With six million total registered members at the site, it’s likely many members already know several other people who also write and post reviews, Christine Petersen, TripAdvisor SVP - marketing said, according to “We all know how often the best sources of advice about where to go and where to stay are your friends and your family and people you know from work,” Petersen reportedly said. “This is a way to help you create a network to tap into their knowledge and experiences.”

A feature of the Traveler Network, found at, allows users to make those connections quickly via its invitation process. After typing in your e-mail address and e-mail password, the site automatically pulls up your e-mail address book and indicates which contacts already are TripAdvisor members. Another feature allows you to send private messages to members of your network.