China's booming tourism market fosters new jobs
08/06/2019|2:36:17 PM|Xinhua

China's booming tourism market has helped foster new career opportunities as people's travel demands upgrade, the People's Daily overseas edition reported earlier this week.

New jobs such as travel video creator, private travel planner and tour guide that can be filled online are picking up popularity among freelancers, some of whom might not have a travel work background, according to the newspaper.

Zhoima and her husband used to run a snack shop in Daocheng County of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China's Sichuan Province. The business barely allowed them to make ends meet.

As short video platforms thrive in China, Zhoima has turned herself into a content creator by posting videos of natural sceneries and food unique to the region.

Now the couple are preparing their residence to offer homestay service to tourists and followers who want to experience the life demonstrated in Zhoima's popular videos.

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