Hong Kong tourism suffers a short-term, short-haul set-back
07/19/2019|2:04:53 PM|Forwardkeys

A report from ForwardKeys, which analyses over 17 million flight bookings a day, has revealed that the recent wave of demonstrations in Hong Kong has had the effect of deterring people from making plans to visit the city.

In the four-week period from 16th June – 13th July, flight bookings to Hong Kong from Asian markets fell by 5.4% on the equivalent period last year. 

In the first fortnight (16th – 29th June), bookings fell 9.0% and in the second (30th June – 13th July), 2.2%. This sharp set-back in bookings reversed a positive trend in which bookings for the first six and a half months of the year were 6.6% up on 2018.

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