Tujia rides tech, underlines rules to up the ante in vacation rental segment
06/25/2019|5:33:19 PM|ChinaDaily

Tujia, a Chinese online platform for vacation rentals, will continue efforts to bring its short-term lodging services under the purview of local regulations, improve the quality of its listings, and enhance its customers' experience, in a bid to meet diversified demand in the booming sector.

Concentrating on the needs of users and taking technological innovation as the core driving force, Tujia has witnessed its revenue increase 15 times in the past two years, with 1.4 million online home listings around the world.

It has established a subsidiary called Anban Intelligence, which is dedicated to providing intelligent door lock hardware and security management solutions, reducing the operational risks of landlords.

The clients could just use their identification cards to open the short-term rental houses, instead of obtaining the keys from landlords. The company will check the identities based on the data provided by the Ministry of Public Security.

By virtue of intelligent door lock hardware equipment, face recognition, artificial intelligence, internet of things and other advanced technologies, Anban Intelligence will quickly check and verify the real identities of the occupants, and upload the related information to the public security management system for record.

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