Ctrip’s Instagram-like platform attracts more than 1 million daily users
05/30/2019|6:51:51 PM|Phocuswire

Ctrip is finding success with its strategy to create an Instagram-style content platform within its mobile app.

Since its launch in December, the new “Trip Moments” product has exceeded one million daily active users, and 70% of those users are under 30 years old. 

In a call last week with analysts to discuss the company’s first quarter 2019 financial results, CEO Jane Sun says that’s exactly the audience Ctrip is targeting with this platform, which asks users to post a short paragraph followed by several photos and/or a short video. 

To date, the platform has more than 1.5 million posts covering more than 16,000 destinations.

Since the launch, Ctrip has been adding booking functionality to the posts, and to date, about 80% of Ctrip’s supply - across all categories including accommodations, air, transportation and experiences - is now linked with the Trip Moments platform. So, for example, a post that mentions the London Eye will also display a link to book tickets to that attraction.

Now Ctrip is adding advanced technology to tailor the booking links to the consumer’s preferences.

Ctrip is also inviting some influencers and celebrities that appeal to younger generations to share their travel experiences in Trip Moments, and the company is partnering with brands such as KFC to promote the platform.

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