American Airlines to tap strong travel demand between US and China
05/22/2019|6:02:51 PM|ChinaDaily

Dallas-based American Airlines, the world's largest by fleet size, said it is constantly reviewing its network and sees possibility to reopen the two flights it suspended last year-flights connecting Chicago and Beijing, as well as Chicago and Shanghai-in the near future, fueled by growing travel demand and the strong performance of its Sino-US flights.

The airline said it put the two routes dormant, meaning they have the option to return, and the carrier will review its network strategy and commercial performance. Last year, it put more emphasis on its flights between China and its hubs in Dallas and Los Angeles.

American Airlines said it is confident in the China market, as it has seen a growing number of local Chinese fly the airline, including business and leisure travelers, Chinese students studying abroad and their parents who travel to visit them.

"China and the US are the two biggest air transport markets in the world. We think there's enormous potential. We are always reviewing our network and where it makes sense to add new services for our customers, we will," said Sam Martin, general manager of Australia and New Zealand operations at American Airlines.

American Airlines operates daily flights from Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, to Los Angeles and Dallas, using its newest airplanes, the company said.

The carrier said its commitment to China backs its aim to continue developing its partnership with China Southern Airlines, the biggest airline in Asia. The two sides launched a reciprocal code share agreement last year, followed by reciprocal lounge access and loyalty benefits in 2019.

"With the opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport in 2019 and the ability to cooperate fully with China Southern (which will move to the new airport), we are excited about our future in the Chinese market," said Maxine Peng, general manager of American Airlines China.

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