Angie takes over rival Roxy in guest room tech consolidation
05/15/2019|4:17:13 PM|Phocuswire

Angie Hospitality, a specialist in guest room assistants for hotels, has acquired competitor Roxy.

Terms of the deal by the U.S.-based company have not been disclosed.

Going forward Angie will take over the management and support of all Roxy customers and has promised a “seamless experience.”

Ted Helvey, chief executive of Angie says: “Both Roxy and Angie Hospitality have shared a founding principle of providing hoteliers with innovative solutions needed to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements taking place in consumers' homes, but taking it even further by tailoring experiences that meet the unique needs of the hotel environment," 

A statement adds that Roxy customers can continue using the same hardware and software.

Roxy was founded in 2016 and received seed funding of $2.4 million in late-2017.

Angie was founded in 2015 with aim to help hotels improve efficiency in guest services.

It can act as a standalone service replacing the hotel room telephone or be integrated with existing hotel technology systems.

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