Airport check-in technology provider Elenium raises $10.5 million
05/05/2019|2:09:42 PM|Skift

Elenium Automation, a maker of airport check-in self-service technology, has raised $10.5 million ($15 million Australian) in Series A funding.

Acorn Capital led the round in the Melbourne-based startup founded three years ago.

Elenium has a signature client in Etihad Airways, which white-labels some of the startup’s mobile services for the airport portion of a trip. Etihad intends to install the company’s self-service transfer kiosks at a terminal in Abu Dhabi.

Using biometrics, voice recognition, artificial intelligence delivered via Amazon Web Services, Elenium’s solutions aim to reduce the need for a carrier’s crew to scan boarding passes or enter data manually, said CEO and co-founder Aaron Hornlimann.

Last month, Madrid-based travel tech giant Amadeus revealed that it had acquired one of Elenium’s Australia-based rivals, ICM Airport Technics, for an undisclosed amount.

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