Report: Guests want experience recommendations from hotels
04/28/2019|5:50:26 PM|HM

A majority (81 percent) of consumers would like to receive local experience and hotel upgrade recommendations from their hotels, according to new research. The “Hotels’ Digital Divide” report, commissioned by Alice and conducted by third-party research firm YouGov, highlights the shifting expectations of modern hotel guests, as well as travelers’ technology preferences and the role that technology plays in providing more personalized travel experiences.

Of the guests that want to receive recommendations from their hotels, according to the survey, 27 percent want dining recommendations for nearby restaurants, and 21 percent want to receive experience or room/service upgrade recommendations.

Travelers are most interested in experiences such as:

• Food tastings/food tours of local cuisine (40 percent).

• Guided tours of the town they are visiting (36 percent).

• A learning center to learn more about the culture/life of the city they are visiting (33 percent).

• Spirit/wine/beer tours of local distilleries/wineries/breweries (27 percent).

Not all guests are interested in the latest emerging technologies—more than half of consumers (56 percent) said they did not want to interact with robots during their stay, but 52 percent did express interest in touring hotels in augmented reality or virtual reality. 

Consumers also conveyed a demand for improved in-room technology, and the research found that this was a leading priority for modern guests. They are willing to give up other amenities in exchange for it, such as:

• A business center (34 percent).

• A fitness center (27 percent).

• A spa (24 percent).

• Roomservice (15 percent).

• Fresh towels delivered daily (11 percent).

• Later check-out times (11 percent).

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