Club Med owner reports positive operating profit for the first 3 months
04/24/2019|10:07:59 AM|Fosun

Fosun Tourism Group, owner of Club Med, has made a voluntary announcement to provide the shareholders and potential investors with a business update.

For the three months ended March 31 2019, the business volume of the Group resort and destination operation and tourism and leisure services and solutions, at constant exchange rate, increased by 11% from RMB 4,327.8 million for the three months ended March 31 2018 to RMB 4,804.9 million, reached a record high in the last five years.

The Group’s resort business recorded a strong growth in averaged daily bed rate due to the increasing capacity of 4 & 5 trident ski resorts. Atlantis Sanya, the tourism destination of the Group located on the Haitang Bay National Coast of Sanya, Hainan province, China (the “Atlantis Sanya”) received more than 1.4 million customer visits for the three months ended March 31 2019 and achieved solid results.

For the three months ended March 31 2019, operating profit of the Group’s resort and tourism destination operation was positive. In the same time, the Group’s services and solutions in various tourism and leisure settings are also growing rapidly. A modern show, the resident show C started to be performed at the Dolphin Cay theatre of Atlantis Sanya in February 2019 while two Miniversity in shopping malls located in Shanghai were launched in March 2019. 

In addition, the business volume of FOLIDAY platform for the three months ended March 31 2019 increased by 394.1% when compared with the same period of 2018.

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