invests in unmanned civilian transport project
04/12/2019|10:36:34 PM|Travolution

Online travel agency has announced its investment in the project of Czech entrepreneur Michal Illich to make unmanned civilian flight transport a reality.

The investment will be used for the next developmental phase of the driverless and affordable plane Zuri, the second part of the project that looks to produce a functional prototype with a wing span of approximately 11 meters and weighing 900 kilograms.

This prototype will then be used to develop the ultimate concept of the aircraft using VTOL, or vertical take-off and landing, technology, referring to an aircraft that can take off, hover and land vertically. has been active in researching and developing innovative solutions for air and ground transport during the seven years of its existence and, according to the company, Zuri is its most exciting and forward-thinking venture yet.

Michal Illich, founder and chief executive of Zuri, said: “Thanks to this investment we will be able to continue building up the team as well as the development of the large prototype of this unique aircraft.

Oliver Dlouhý, founder and chief executive of said, added: “The Zuri project represents a direction that I see as key in the future of transport and our investment is testament of that.

“This segment is practically non-existent, although it is one of the critical elements in the first and last mile of transport.

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