95% of theme park visitors ready to spend more with right app
03/27/2019|8:33:13 PM|AP

95% of theme park visitors will spend more if they can download a dedicated park app that has masses of functionality and helps beat queues

84% of respondents want to avoid food and drink queues by using their phones to order and pay in advance. 72% said beating a queue for rides and food is the main reason for downloading a park app. Nearly eight-in-ten (78%) want to use an app to scan and pay for food and merchandise in a park, while 64% view receiving exclusive offers and rewards as an incentive to download. 50% want loyalty programme benefits from an app.

The figures are in the Omnico Theme Park Mobile Barometer, surveying 3362 respondents from China, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and US. who have visited a theme park in the last two years.

52% of respondents will spend more during or after a visit if they can convert loyalty points into spending value, while for 44%, receiving offers relating to their next visit will have the same effect.

Although visitors want app notifications, 46% said they would delete an app if offers were too numerous or irrelevant.

“Parks’ apps must be supported by an effective customer-engagement platform,” added Taylor. “Apps will only meet visitors’ expectations and provide sustained revenue increases if visitors are recognized as individuals at every touchpoint and the level of interaction is highly personalized.”

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