New Year outbound travel climb 12.48% to 6.31 million, missing Ctrip's expectation
02/21/2019|2:30:00 PM|CNBC

Official numbers for overseas travel during the Chinese New Year were not as clear about the actual rate of change.

The National Immigration Administration said outbound travel during the 2019 Spring Festival increased 12.48% to 6.31 million trips. That figure missed Ctrip's expectations of about 7 million.

It wasn't clear at what pace outbound travel during the Spring Festival grew in previous years. The immigration administration did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for historical data, which was not available on its website.

Some state and media reports last year cited historical data from a separate government research group, the China Tourism Academy, which said its figures included information not comparable to the immigration administration's data.

However, Ctrip noted the number of countries Chinese tourists visited during the holiday this year increased to 97 from 82. Spending per outbound traveler from Beijing and Shanghai was well over 8,000 yuan, the company said in a report.

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