Ctrip chairman: Ctrip and Booking’s tie-up will create more value to travelers
02/12/2019|10:32:15 AM|PhocusWire

PhocusWire talked to James Liang - Ctrip's chairman - about the company’s ambitions, his outlook on the Chinese economy.

Q: At Ctrip’s recent annual meeting, you expressed a determination to make Ctrip not only the biggest company in travel but also the strongest and the best. How will that happen?

We will continue to strengthen our core competitiveness in terms of service, technology, and products.

In terms of innovation, we seek to lead the industry’s development through the expansion of our innovative services. For example, in 2018, we launched high-speed rail tours and opened thousands of offline stores.

In terms of service, we have continued to focus on our philosophy of putting the customer at the center of everything we do, providing 24/7 service to customers around the world and creating value for them during their trips.

Our platform enables our partners to benefit from Ctrip’s ecosystem and empowers them to provide better service to more customers.

Q: Ctrip’s users generate huge amounts of data as they use the platform. How are you using that data to improve customer service?

We leverage 50TB of data generated daily on our platform by 300 million Ctrip members to analyze and understand demographics, customer demands and travel behaviors in order to offer tailored products or services.

Partners such as travel agencies, offline stores and customized travel planners can all access Ctrip’s big data, helping revolutionize their approach to products, pricing, services and finance.

Q: Ctrip has an interesting relationship with Booking Holdings. What does Ctrip need from Booking right now? What does Booking need from Ctrip?

Booking Holdings is our investor and partner. Gillian Tans, the CEO of Booking.com, is an observer on Ctrip’s board.

Ctrip has a dominant position in China and is competitive in some Asian countries, and our partnership can benefit Booking.com in improving its influence and market share in the region.

We share hotels inventory with each other, enabling customers choosing the most competitive products around the world, which helps Ctrip provide better and more competitive overseas hotel products for customers.

Globally, both Booking and Ctrip are the key players in the industry and our partnership will create more value to the travelers around the world.

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