Hainan duty-free shops record $8.9 million sales during Spring Festival
02/12/2019|9:17:41 AM|GlobalTimes

Sales of duty-free shops in South China's Hainan Province hit a record high during the weeklong Spring Festival holiday, reaching 601 million yuan ($8.9 million), local customs figures showed.

Four duty-free shops in the province sold 643,000 items during the holiday, up 30.43% year-on-year, and the sales increased 33.56% on a yearly basis, domestic news site cnr.cn reported on Monday, citing local customs statistics.

On Friday alone, sales reached 108 million yuan, a new daily record, the report said.

The province continued to see a travel boom during this year's Spring Festival holiday. Haikou, its capital, witnessed 1.55 million trips during the week, up 0.45% year-on-year, and received 1.83 billion yuan in tourism revenue.

The province will focus on building a consumption center for tourists with global influence this year, and it will also set up a tourism management system based on international industry rules, local news site hnrb.hinews.cn said on Monday.

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