KLOOK couples Old World train travel with new-school tech
01/31/2019|9:07:40 AM|TravelDailyMedia

KLOOK, the tour and experiences booking app which has been making waves throughout Asia for the last 18 months, has entered into a new relationship with Rail Europe, bound to cause more than a few ripples, as the company seeks to increase its presence in the region.

As of late last year, visitors to the KLOOK platform have been presented with a dedicated Europe Rail landing page, enabling them to purchase A-to-B train tickets and products such as the Swiss Travel Pass, Eurail Pass, BritRail Pass, and German Rail Pass, which open up the continent’s rail links for exploration of the Old World.

Conversely, Rail Europe can now reach KLOOK users in more than 100 markets around the world.

KLOOK’s platforms support both e-tickets for users worldwide and physical tickets (via free mail delivery) to close to 20 markets.

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