73 million air trips to be made during Chinese spring migration season
01/30/2019|3:29:24 PM|GlobalTimes

China predicts 73 million trips will be made by air during the 2019 spring migration season, with about 532,000 flights booked. That means, 15,600 flights will fly over the sky per day for 40 days non-stop. More than 2.3 million seats have offered.

Millennials represent the largest group of spring festival air travelers. About 68% of the travelers are people born in the 80's and 90's. They are also core to the workplace, often unable to leave their jobs until the day before the holiday.

But just 57% of passengers take flights back home during the travel rush. About 43% of the Chinese have chosen to travel elsewhere in the country or go abroad, according to fliggy.com, a Chinese travel ticket booking platform.

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