Bedsonline is looking for double-digit growth in China
01/29/2019|9:00:59 AM|ChinaDaily

Bedsonline, the Spain-headquartered provider of accommodation and complementary travel products exclusively for travel agents, announced the launch of a new enhanced offering for its customers to compete with established rivals.

Stuart Dale, Bedsonline's regional sales director for Asia, said the company will continue to deploy resources in China, as it has seen fast growth in this market. 

"We will work with other partners to develop more customized products to meet the demands of different online travel agencies from China, such as those seeking thrills and adventure, those wanting a more luxurious experience and those want a purely relaxing holiday," he said.

With the new offerings, the company will distribute through its online platform accommodation, excursions, tickets and transfers to more than 50,000 travel agencies with sales teams in over 40 countries covering over 100 markets globally.

Dale said the company has already introduced credit payment services to clients in China with big-ticket orders and loyal partners, also gaining discounts when they have higher credit, adding Bedsonline is looking for double-digit growth in China from a long-term perspective, much of which will be contributed by lower-tier cities.

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