Travel ecommerce platform Switchfly gathers funding
01/28/2019|3:27:40 PM|PE Hub

In response to its global growth and demand for its next-generation travel technology, leading travel ecommerce platform Switchfly LLC has secured growth funding from Golub Capital and L Capital LLC. As a result of the October 2018 investment, the two firms now hold a controlling equity stake in Switchfly LLC.

With digital travel sales forecasted at $913B by 2022, this investment will allow Switchfly to continue to disrupt the travel ecommerce landscape, building the largest, most robust network of content and ancillaries in the marketplace for Switchfly customers. The funding also enables Switchfly to continue improving its sophisticated dynamic packaging offering and build upon the breadth, flexibility and scale of its industry-leading loyalty solutions. By connecting inventory for activity, air, car, hotel and insurance ancillaries before, during and after the booking experience, Switchfly’s platform helps travel companies boost both revenue and customer satisfaction.

Switchfly will also leverage the investment to drive additional innovation across its product portfolio, incorporating new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence into its offering. As a result, Switchfly will enable access to more intelligent customer data, which can be applied to create personalized travel experiences, deeper connections, and greater travel brand loyalty.

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