Ctrip CEO Jane Sun discuses globalization 4.0 at Davos
01/25/2019|10:50:37 AM|Ctrip

Ctrip, the largest travel provider in Asia, attended the 49th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where Chief Executive Officer Jane Sun discussed topics including big data, technology, travel safety and shared Ctrip’s strategy for international expansion and its plan for embracing “Globalization 4.0.”

As a result of its overseas acquisitions, international users now make up more than 45% of Ctrip customers. Thanks to Ctrip’s acquisition of Trip.com, an independent tourism platform providing services to global users, along with Skyscanner, a Scottish flight search platform, Ctrip’s total number of monthly active users now exceeds 200 million.

The growth rate of international overnight hotel stays is twice that of the overall industry rate, and growth in international air tickets is three times that of the overall industry rate.  

The era of globalization and integration

In order to cater to increasing demand for personalized travel, Ctrip has been working closely with overseas local partners and providers to provide travellers a full range of options; not only air tickets, hotels and car services, but also local day trip, cuisine and shopping suggestions. Ctrip Group has grown into a one-stop travel platform, which accompanies travellers for the duration of their trip.

In addition, Ctrip’s Global SOS is the world's first 24/7 emergency support system, integrating services with technology and data to provide timely support for travellers in times of emergencies. Since its launch in 2017, Global SOS has successfully come to the aid of travellers during disasters such as 2018’s ferry crash in Phuket, the Hokkaido earthquake and the Osaka typhoon. With a 94% success rate and 70% of all calls coming from overseas, Ctrip believes that it is vital for the travel industry to establish global standards and a set of emergency response mechanisms for the safety of travellers.

Decentralized global travel platform

With the opening of the Edinburgh call center in April 2018, and the establishment of call centers in Seoul and Tokyo at the end of 2018, Ctrip's three call centers are designed to overcome barriers to global tourism by strengthening local services.

In addition, Ctrip has leveraged its technology and innovative drive to introduce the TrainPal APP in the UK. The new app allows users to save on average 40% and as much as up to 89% on ticket purchases and fully reflects the innovation and growth path of China's global integrated service providers in the era of globalization 4.0.  

“Ctrip Group is confident that we will become a leading global travel service provider during this era of Globalization 4.0 through our focus on innovation, technology, local markets and customer care,” said Jane,“Safeguarding data and using this to serve our customers remains our top priority.”

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