WeChat Pay launches new service with Paris department store
01/23/2019|9:43:39 AM|ChinaDaily

WeChat Pay on Wednesday introduced a smart and sustainable solution -- including an innovative pop-up store celebrating the Chinese New Year -- which offers Chinese consumers at BHV Marais more diverse and personalized products and services, while giving them access to its iconic shopping experience.

Integrating a wide range of WeChat capabilities including payment, Official Accounts, Mini Programs, and social media advertising, WeChat Pay provides merchants with an advanced mobile payment method and a platform which enables long-term communications and customized customer services for billions of Chinese consumers.

Commenting on the announcement, Amandine de Souza, BHV Marais director, said: "For the past two years, BHV Marais has developed an increasing number of initiatives to better cater to its international clients, with a special attention on China.”

"Following the recent implementation of WeChat Pay within our Parisian flagship, we are delighted to further our engagement by organizing this unique event with them," she added.

With the influx of increasing numbers of Chinese visitors, China is expected to become France's second-largest source of tourists after the United States, with an estimated number of Chinese tourists visiting France reaching 2.3 million in 2018.

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