TripAdvisor launches Sponsored Placements to benefit Bokun suppliers
01/16/2019|5:56:47 PM|PhocusWire

TripAdvisor is introducing Sponsored Placements to its Experiences division - specifically, to qualified Bokun suppliers - following similar rollouts of the program to its Hotels and Restaurants sectors.

With Sponsored Placements, Bokun suppliers have the opportunity to merchandise their products for free around the TripAdvisor site. The high-visibility placement is designed to help suppliers highlight their products, drive traffic and increase bookings.

The Sponsored Placements will live on TripAdvisor’s main Things To Do page, as well as on product category pages in clearly marked sponsored locations. There is no fee or additional signup required for new or existing Bokun-connected suppliers.

Eligible Bokun suppliers must have a highly reviewed product (a three-bubble rating or higher) and be “in good standing with TripAdvisor,” says Ben Drew, the company’s vice president of business development and strategic initiatives, meaning they’re up to date with things like payments to both the platform and Bokun.

Some products with no bubble ratings will also receive exposure to introduce travelers to new and interesting products.

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