Hong Kong-based OTA Zuji now unable to operate
01/14/2019|10:51:02 AM|SCMP

Hong Kong-based travel agent Zuji could no longer operate as a business on Friday night, as the city’s travel watchdog revealed more than 50 customers were waiting for refunds totalling HK$250,000 (US$32,000).

The company had allowed its travel agency licence to expire, and the global airline trade body pulled its right to sell air tickets, because of overdue payments to airlines.

The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau confirmed that the company’s licence expired last Wednesday and the company had not sought a renewal.

The Travel Agents Registry, the government-run licensing body, reiterated its wish that Zuji properly handle refunds.

Addressing the issue of refunds, Zuji claimed it was hit by technical difficulties.

The Travel Industry Council said it had received 53 cases, involving HK$250,000.

According to the council, a travel agent licence only costs about HK$5,000 to HK$6,000 to renew.

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