Delta Air Lines CEO: The goal is to make travel ‘magical’
01/11/2019|9:12:28 PM|eTN

Delta CEO Ed Bastian told the tech world Tuesday that Delta’s goal is to make travel something customers don’t have to endure, but a magical experience.

He shared some of the ways Delta is making that happen with a capacity crowd of 2,600 at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest and most influential technology event. Ed joined Ginni Rometty, President and CEO of IBM, in Las Vegas as part of her opening keynote address on what’s next in the world of data.

Bastian said data is helping Delta to build relationships with its nearly 200 million annual customers by giving the airline’s 80,000 employees more meaningful information at their fingertips about any customer.

“We have a culture of service that’s in our DNA, and our people love to serve people,” he said. Offering personalized service to customers is core to Delta’s brand, he said.

Delta’s Nomad and SkyPro tools deployed to agents and flight attendants are examples of how Delta is arming employees with information that helps them better serve customers

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