Tourism between China and Silk Road countries to bring in $110 billion
01/11/2019|12:14:51 PM|GBTimes

Trips made by Chinese tourists to Belt and Road (BRI) countries grew from about 15.5 million in 2013 to more than 27 million in 2017- an increase of 77% over the past five years, according China's Tourism Development: Analysis and Forecast (2018-2019) published by the Tourism Research Centre of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Mainland tourists contributed about 31% of the overall international tourism revenue recorded in BRI countries in 2017, said the book.

In addition, tourists from countries along the Belt and Road route made 10.6m trips to China in 2017, compared with 9 million in 2013. They contributed 16.9% of China’s total inbound tourism revenue in that year, which equated to USD 123.4 billion.

The book also forecasts that at least 85 million return trips will be made between now and 2020 - a figure that will bring in USD 110 billion in tourist revenue.

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