Indoor recreational zone operator Neobio Family Park pockets tens of millions of yuan
12/14/2018|9:13:50 AM|ChinaTravelNews

Indoor entertainment space operator Neobio Family Park recently announced that it had secured tens of millions of yuan in its A round of financing from Tangzhu Capital and Borun Investment. The proceeds would be used to open stores in major cities across China. 

Neobio Family Park is a high-end lifestyle brand that offers entertainment experiences for children younger than 14. In July last year, the company launched its first store in Shanghai. The zone has 10 functional areas, including a bookstore, a restaurant, a simulation city, an interactive zone, a baking circle, a princess castle and an amusement park. The second store, also its first flagship store, was opened in Hangzhou this July. 

It will continue to expand its presence in Nanjing and Shanghai in early 2019.

Adopting an “Entertainment Plus” strategy, Neobio adds entertainment zones adjacent to schools and supermarkets in middle- and high-end residential neighborhoods, setting it apart from traditional community parks and theme parks.

Neobio has created a complete service chain, offering relaxation, dining, play groups and bookshops to meet the diversified weekend recreational needs of middle-class families. It has also built original signature products to pursue personalized development as part of the urban culture and a tourist landmark. 

Neobio runs flagship stores in urban areas, offering more complete and advanced facilities, as well as boutique stores in suburban areas. It is currently rolling out outlets across top-tier cities in China, adopting a “flagship+boutique” model in major cities.