Exploring the surge of repurposed hotels
12/12/2018|2:53:06 PM|Click

With 30% of global travellers looking to experience alternative accommodation this year, searches for properties beyond the traditional experience are steadily increasing.

One trend that’s emerged from this demand is the concept of converting buildings once used for other purposes into luxury hotels. This breathes new life into existing buildings with a storied past – such as churches, jails and breweries – offering travellers a glimpse into the history of a destination while evoking their curiosity and interest.

The art of storytelling

With travellers now sharing everything online, it’s critical for hoteliers to provide guests with a story worth telling. “It can be difficult to create a story for a hotel when it’s new-build,” says Glenn Sampert, General Manager of The Liberty Hotel, formerly Charles Street Jail. “It’s much easier for us to tell a story about who we are when we have that back history, so we love using old buildings and repurposing them from that perspective alone.”

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