Locals are the real bosses of a destination
11/13/2018|9:51:09 AM|Click

Dr. Isaac Mizrachi, Area Manager, Israel for Booking.com always says that locals are the real bosses of a destination. It’s not the city, it’s not the hoteliers – it’s the locals. It’s important to involve them in planning processes. They know the key strengths of an area better than anyone. When he was working as the Director of Tourism for Tel Aviv Municipality, they even wrote the tourism master plan together with local residents.

Involving locals

Isaac Mizrachi and his team are now starting to see hotels collaborating with local businesses. An example of this is Fabric Hotel, who decided to partner with the Imperial Cocktail Bar Group – an international award-winning bar in Tel Aviv. That’s a significant trend they see emerging, local businesses opening up a branch inside hotels. Travellers are increasingly wanting a localised experience, which can be achieved when hotels work with local communities.

The interesting thing about this trend is that hotels are now designing their property with the idea of wanting to work with a specific local business already in mind. It’s something they now plan ahead.

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