The bag-storage industry is taking off
11/02/2018|5:49:35 PM|Economist

TIME and time again, entrepreneurs have given business travellers services that they did not realise that they needed. Most were happy with hotels, until Airbnb came along. They were content to take taxis and rental cars, until Uber and Lyft, two ride-hailing apps, appeared. And now a new crop of startups have entered the fray to give travellers a place to store their bags.

The latter solution addresses a problem that the first two helped create. Travellers staying in Airbnbs generally have relatively strict checkout times and no place to stash their luggage upon checkout if they are not heading straight to the airport. The boots of hire cars are a sensible place to put bags for the day before leaving town, but Uber and Lyft rides do not offer that option. Worries about terrorism have also meant that many airports and train station have torn out their left luggage facilities.

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