Inland and emerging cities to outpace top-tier cities in China biz travels
11/02/2018|10:51:09 AM|Skift

The Chinese business travel market has become the biggest in the world in recent years and stands to continue its growth as the country’s secondary and tertiary cities become better connected to the rest of China.

Cities like Zhengzhou, Chongqing, and Chengdu are experiencing greater business growth than established cities like Beijing and Shanghai, according to the Global Business Travel Association, and companies are working to keep costs down even as the need to visit these destinations increases.

CITS American Express Global Business Travel and the Economist Intelligence Unit polled executives from more than 100 Chinese companies on the state of business travel in the country. Travelers most often want convenience along with direct flights and high-quality hotels, and 45% use mobile tools to arrange their business travel trips.

Business travel spending is expected to rise over the next year as China’s secondary cities become more accessible due to new airports and increased high-speed rail connectivity.

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