Alibaba opens first unmanned hotel and eyes other hospitality business
10/31/2018|6:48:43 PM|ChinaTravelNews

FlyZoo Hotel, the first unmanned hotel of Alibaba, has opened for business after two years of preparation, Fliggy announced in its WeChat account.

FlyZoo Hotel, internally referred to as an Alibaba Future Hotel, is located at the east wing of Alibaba Xixi Park, and is currently in the final stages of fine-tuning.

Similar to the future restaurants and bookshops of Alibaba, FlyZoo Hotel will have no human staff throughout the whole operation. Robots will be used for check-in/out and in-room services.

The FlyZoo Hotel is also fitted with various intelligent products of Alibaba, such as smart speakers Tmall Elfs and intelligent robots, serving as a showcase of these products.

FlyZoo Hotel is a new “species” resulted from the collaboration of a number of Alibaba teams. Fliggy was behind its on-site experiences. DAMO Academy worked out the hotel innovation research program. Alibaba Cloud provided stable and secure big data backup. The AI Lab introduced intelligent service robots. Alibaba Flab oversaw the research and development of hotel digital platforms and AI service centers, and launched rooms themed after seven countries and supplied the furniture, linen and other items. Bookings can be made online by taking a photo with its APP. 

FlyZoo Hotel is an incubation project of Alibaba, and the company is likely to extend to other hospitality verticals with this hotel experience.