Global city travel impact report: China’s influence continues to grow
10/24/2018|4:46:44 PM|SCMP

Chinese travellers are not only fuelling the country’s domestic tourism market, but also having a growing influence on regional and global economies, according to the conclusions of a new report.

The study by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) also shows Hong Kong and Macau are now considered among the industry’s elite destinations, and that revenues feeding into Seoul’s tourism industry plummeted after China banned its citizens from travelling there.

City Travel & Tourism Impact 2018 assessed the economic contribution of the industry in 72 cities worldwide. 

The report covers 72 of the world’s most important tourism cities, which together generated over $625bn contribution to GDP last year (24.3% of global Travel & Tourism GDP).

The world’s top ten cities in terms of tourism market size are: Shanghai (US$35bn), Beijing ($32.5bn), Paris ($28bn), Orlando ($24.8bn), New York ($24.8bn), Tokyo ($21.7bn), Bangkok ($21.3bn), Mexico City ($19.7bn), Las Vegas ($19.5bn) and Shenzhen ($19bn).

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