Number of Chinese tourists visiting Bulgaria rises 43% in 2017
10/23/2018|12:05:19 PM|SofiaGlobe

Bulgaria’s Tourism Ministry said on October 22 that the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country increased by 43% in 2017.

By the end of 2018, a Bulgarian Tourism Information Centre will be opened in Beijing.

The Tourism Ministry said that in 2017, more than 8.9 million tourists visited Bulgaria, earning the country revenue of more than 6.6 billion leva.

From January to August 2018, revenue from international tourism in Bulgaria amounted to more than 2.8 billion euro, an increase of 7.2% compared with January-August 2017, the ministry said, citing data from central Bulgarian National Bank.

Among EU countries, in June and July 2018, Bulgaria ranked 10th in terms of nights spent by foreigners in hotels.

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