30% more Chinese travelers choose to combine a 16-day-long break
09/25/2018|10:44:07 AM|ChinaDaily

As of September 10, the number of bookings for domestic and international flights departing on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival, between 6pm and midnight on September 24, surged 270% compared with last year, according to Ctrip, China's largest online travel agency.

Despite their popularity, prices of those flights basically stay the same as usual, and there are many cheap tickets with special discounts to choose from.

In particular, the number of international flights departing on the evening of September 24 has jumped 191% year-on-year, and the prices of flights to Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore and Toronto are much lower than during China's National Day holiday break.

This year, Mid-Autumn Festival, or the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, falls close to the October 1-7 National Day holiday. Many office workers have chosen to take the last week of September off work, and combine the two holidays to make a 16-day-long break, the longest combined break recorded in the past few years, Ctrip said.

In fact, the number of people who chose to take off the last week of September jumped more than 30% over last year, according to Ctrip.

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