Boeing: China will buy 7,690 planes over 20 years
09/12/2018|10:58:50 AM|ChinaDaily

The US aircraft manufacturer lifted its forecast for China, and said over the next 20 years, China will need 7,690 new airplanes, a 6.2% increase, or 450 more planes, from its forecast last year, according to the release by Boeing in Beijing on Tuesday.

In the next two decades, China is expected to remain the world's only trillion-dollar airplane market, which will be valued at USD 1.2 trillion, it said.

Among the new deliveries, Boeing predicted that China will need 5,730 new single-aisle airplanes through 2037, accounting for 75% of the total, in addition to 1,620 wide-body fleet, which will triple the current size over the next two decades, and the demand for wide-body airplanes is foreseen to grow at a faster rate.

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