Fitness brand Hyperfit funded for hotel fitness reinvention
08/20/2018|8:53:24 AM|ChinaTravelNews

Fitness brand Hyperfit has raised a new round of investment from Xinyi Capital to support its intelligent management of hotel fitness operations and stores expansion.

Hyperfit provides fitness and personal training services. It renovates fitness centers for boutique hotels and apartments, and offers smart and standard management and operation for them.

The company had already secured support from hotel giants at its budding stage. Its first client was Shanghai Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel Dahua, a Laszlo Hudec-designed property of Jin Jiang International. The hotel has since gained popularity online with its fusion of ancient Shanghai atmosphere and trendy fitness elements.

In a press release in July, Hyperfit announced that it has partnered with Atour and to build the first basketball-themed hotel fitness studio in China.

Though an emerging player in the market, Hyperfit has maintained an in-store conversion rate of 80% and a repurchase rate of over 80% through word of mouth. The numbers are still growing.