Chinese visitors to Vietnam records 34.1% surge in January-July
08/02/2018|5:51:59 PM|ChinaDaily

Vietnam welcomed nearly 3 million Chinese visitors between January and July, or 32.7% of the total international arrivals, posting a year-on-year rise of 34.1%, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said on Monday.

Meanwhile, Vietnam received a total of roughly 9.1 million international arrivals, up 25.4% year-on-year, with the highest growth of 56.1% in the number of visitors from South Korea, followed by Finland, up 35.2%, and China, up 34.1%.

Of the international arrivals in the first seven months of this year, nearly 7.4 million came to Vietnam by air, up 20.2%, over 1.5 million by road, up 63.3% and 177,800 by sea, down 0.2%.

Meanwhile, roughly 7 million visitors were from Asia, up 30.4%; over 1.2 million from Europe, up 10.4%; 570,800 from the Americas, mainly from the United States, up 13%; 266,500 from Oceania, up 8.4%, and 24,300 from Africa, up 21.5%.

Vietnam plans to receive 16-17 million foreign visitors and 78 million domestic ones, and gain tourism revenues of USD 27.5 billion in 2018, said the administration.

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