New Zealand nears top of bucket list for Chinese tourists
07/18/2018|9:40:24 AM|NZHerald

New Zealand ranks third equal with France in the list of where Chinese tourists would like to visit during the next 12 months, according to the study.

While ranked at 15th in the world for popularity among Chinese travellers - with 407,000 visitors in the year ending September 2017, the Chinese international travel monitor report shows New Zealand ranked only behind Australia, Canada on the list of where they want to go.

New Zealand gets only a fraction of the 120 million Chinese who travelled overseas last year and the 2019 ''New Zealand-China Year of Tourism'' could further boost arrivals here. marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand, David Spasovic, said: "Chinese millennials born after 1990 are particularly eager to cross the world, increasing their travel expenditure in the past year by a staggering 80% and committing a third (36%) of their income to travel - more than any other age group - as they take full advantage of the strong exchange rate against the Kiwi dollar."

Just on 80% of travellers visited New Zealand for leisure.

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