Sabre's first quarter revenue increases by 8.0%
05/01/2018|10:04:24 PM|Sabre

Sabre Corporation announced financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2018.


First quarter revenue increased 8.0%

Travel Network revenue rose 8.7%, with bookings growth of 5.7%

Airline Solutions revenue grew 6.7% Hospitality Solutions revenue grew 5.8%

Net income attributable to common stockholders increased 15.7% to USD 87.9 million and operating income increased 1.3% to USD 165.4 million

Adjusted Operating Income decreased 6.3% to USD 197.6 million

Cash provided by operating activities increased 58.6% to USD 195.2 million

Travel Network

First quarter 2018 Travel Network revenue increased 8.7% to USD 721.1 million.

Global bookings increased 5.7% in the quarter, supported by an increase of 19.7% in Asia-Pacific that reflects the first quarter completion of the Flight Centre agency conversion and strong market growth. Bookings also increased 3.0% in North America, 1.7% in EMEA and 0.5% in Latin America.

Operating income decreased 7.7% to USD 210.7 million.

Adjusted Operating Income decreased 7.5% to USD 211.8 million.

Airline Solutions

First quarter 2018 Airline Solutions revenue increased 6.7% to USD 206.6 million.

Operating income and Adjusted Operating Income increased 55.7% to USD 30.7 million.

Hospitality Solutions

First quarter 2018 Hospitality Solutions revenue increased 5.8% to USD 68.1 million.

Central reservation system transactions totaled 17.0 million.

Operating income and Adjusted Operating Income increased to USD 2.1 million versus a loss of USD 0.3 million in the year-ago period.

Full-Year 2018 Guidance

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