Dynamic Worldspan Go! e-Pricing® Tool Turns Agent Desktop Into a Graphical Low-Fare Shopping Portal
05/16/2007|5:13:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Worldspan travel agents have gained access to the new Worldspan Go! e-Pricing Shopping Tool to shop worldwide low fares in a dynamic new way. The tool gives travel agents the power to access Worldspan’s acclaimed suite of e-Pricing low-fare shopping solutions, all from a single launch point on the Worldspan Go!® desktop. It is the latest in a series of intelligent desktop tools from global travel technology provider Worldspan, L.P. that simplify shopping and booking for agents who prefer to arrange travel in a graphical, Web-like environment. (5/14/2007)

While Worldspan travel agencies worldwide already had access to e-Pricing technology, the new Go! e-Pricing Shopping Tool offers one-stop access to all e-Pricing solutions and functionality—without the need to know GDS formats.

Upon launching the tool, agents can invoke Worldspan Power Shopper® to find lowest available fares prior to booking an itinerary, or Worldspan Flex Shopping Options to shop low-fare options based on flexible dates and destinations, including nearby airports. Agents can also tap Worldspan Power Pricing® to quickly find lower fare alternatives for itineraries that have already been booked, or Worldspan Power Flight Search for flights available at a specified price.

“Worldspan agents can now conduct distinct types of low-fare searches all in one place using simple, time-saving entries that minimize manual comparison of fares, pricing and availability,” said Graham Nichols, Worldspan vice president and general manager – EMEAA. “The results are a faster shop-to-book process, higher agent productivity and revenues, and a powerful answer to the demand for more low-fare options by today’s travellers.”

The new shopping tool has been introduced to Worldspan travel agents worldwide through the ‘Worldspan e-Pricing Gives You the Power’ program. Agents experience the look, feel and interactive capabilities of other new desktop tools, including the Worldspan Go! Car and Hotel Booking Tools. Colourful displays are easily navigated with point-and-click and mouse-over functionality, pull-down menus and graphical calendars.

Worldspan e-Pricing broadens and deepens low-fare shopping with solutions that expedite the process, shopping millions of fares and hundreds of thousands of itinerary options in seconds to find the lowest available fares. Worldspan e-Pricing is built on the GDS industry’s first multi-server-based fare pricing technology and has been deployed globally to all Worldspan customers, including traditional and online travel agencies, corporations, airlines and other travel suppliers.